Why is a humidifier used in the printing workshop?

The humidity and temperature of the air are both important factors in air conditioning. All materials should hold enough water. In an environment that is too dry, the air will absorb moisture from the substance, and the substance will absorb moisture from the air to ensure the moisture balance between the substances.

In the production process of the printing industry, it is particularly necessary to ensure sufficient humidity. Why do we need to humidify? How much humidity can be maintained to achieve the best printing effect?

Reasons for humidification in printing workshop:

Usually, the temperature of the printing workshop is 20~22℃, and the relative humidity is 45~60%. At present, some excellent domestic printing companies not only adopt reasonable temperature and humidity control for the printing workshop, but also strictly require the temperature and humidity of the paper warehouse: 18~20℃, 60~65%RH, to ensure that the paper enters the printing workshop before Already have enough moisture content to eliminate hidden dangers of paper deformation.

1: Eliminate static electricity. Paper is prone to static electricity. Workers often feel electric shock, accompanied by static electricity, especially in the dry seasons of autumn and winter. The strength of static electricity is closely related to the environmental humidity. Static electricity is most active at a relative humidity of 30%. The lower the humidity, the more active the static electricity. As the humidity increases, it gradually weakens, and basically disappears in a humidity environment above 50%.

2: Avoid wrinkles. The cause of paper wrinkles is due to the phenomenon of "ruffles" or "tight edges", which makes the paper unable to stretch flat and wrinkles during printing. This phenomenon will cause a lot of waste in the printer.

3: Prevent expansion and contraction. Due to different types of paper, its expansion and contraction rate is different. If the paper and the environment cannot reach the humidity balance, it will cause the following conditions: the paper absorbs moisture and expands, loses moisture and shrinks. When the deformation is severe, the single-color printing machine cannot overprint, and when multi-color printing, the phenomenon of one-color than one-color extension may occur, or the dragging part is fanned "angle", causing the overprint to exceed the standard or the front and back sides are inaccurate due to expansion and contraction, or The printed paper varies in expansion and contraction, which brings a lot of trouble to the next processing procedure.

4: Reduce paper dust. The paper powder contained in the paper and the dust contained in the air are flying everywhere in the dry room, which has varying degrees of influence on the quality of printed matter. When the indoor humidity exceeds 50%, various dust flies absorb water and become heavy and fall to the ground.

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