How to ventilate the room in haze weather?

People who have been away for a day will carry a large number of microorganisms and bacteria when they return home. In addition, people who live indoors for a long time will breathe carbon dioxide and various toxic and harmful gases released by indoor furniture decoration. To ventilate the room, the content of microorganisms and bacteria in the room will gradually accumulate. Living in this environment for a long time can easily catch diseases in the respiratory tract. Therefore, it is especially important to inject the appropriate amount of fresh air into the room.

How to ventilate the room in the haze weather?

1. Close doors and windows to reduce natural ventilation

Natural ventilation refers to the exchange of indoor and outdoor air through the gaps between doors, windows and external walls. However, the gaps between open doors, windows and external walls will become channels for outdoor particles to enter the room in haze weather. Therefore, in haze weather Next, closing doors and windows is one of the ways to prevent haze weather from affecting the interior.

Experts said that indoor ventilation is very particular in haze weather. You can neither open the windows nor open the windows blindly, because if it is not done, more polluted air will enter the room. Experts advise citizens to open the window at noon when the haze weather is better, because the haze concentration is higher in the morning and evening, and you should avoid opening the window at this time. For residents close to the road, open windows as little as possible during the day when the traffic volume is high. Because opening windows at this time will not only cause air pollution, but also disturbing noise pollution indoors.

2. Effective control of ventilation can improve air quality

Ventilation is the most economical and convenient way to prevent the accumulation of pollutants generated by indoor pollution sources. In haze weather conditions, ventilating can be carried out by customizing ventilators, ventilating windows or fresh air systems with particulate filtering functions to allow purified outdoor air to enter the room to achieve the purpose of improving indoor air quality. What needs to be reminded is that in order to prevent the long-use filter from becoming a source of pollution, the owner also needs to regularly replace the filter and movement of the fresh air system or fresh air device. Generally speaking, the finer the filter, the higher the frequency of replacement and the greater the cost.

Can the window be opened in the smog?

It is indeed tangled that the window cannot be opened in the smog. Expert advice is to open windows at least twice a day: after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night. Because the window is not opened in a haze day, it can be less harmed by PM2.5, but if the oxygen content in the air is not enough, people will feel poor breathing. In the face of life's basic demand for oxygen, the damage of PM2.5 will definitely not be taken care of. Generally speaking, the relatively good air quality of the day is before going to bed at night. The air in the morning is generally humid, and people breathe more comfortably.

In addition, people will carry microorganisms and bacteria when they go out and return home. People will exhale carbon dioxide indoors. Furniture and decorations will release various toxic and harmful gases. Smoking and cooking will also produce pollutants. If the windows are not opened for ventilation, the content of microorganisms and bacteria in the house will gradually accumulate, even more than the outdoor air. Therefore, it is necessary to open windows for short periods of time to ventilate in haze days. The staff of the Provincial Environmental Monitoring Station suggested that when outdoor air pollution is not very serious, the windows can be opened twice a day for 20 minutes each time under static wind conditions. But avoid morning and evening traffic peaks and high winds that cause dust. If you encounter continuous pollution days, you can hang a wet towel near the screen window during ventilation, so that it can filter and adsorb.

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