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Vehicle disinfection channel

Application field:

Product introduction of vehicle disinfection (ground induction coil, infrared ray)

1、 Background reasons:

Vehicle disinfection channel is a device for disinfection of vehicles passing through the import and export to avoid infectious diseases infecting animals and plants on farms and farms. It is safe, efficient and fast.

2、 Function:

1. Manual: switch the equipment to manual mode and disinfect the vehicle according to the needs of the site.

2. automatic: vehicles after the induction of the coil immediately after spraying, disinfection of vehicles.

3. Water shortage protection: when the equipment is short of water, the line will be disconnected automatically to protect the water pump

4. Emergency stop: in case of emergency, the emergency stop button can be pressed to protect personnel and equipment

3、 Product features:

1. the vehicle disinfection channel adopts high pressure impact spray technology, atomizing the disinfectant into 30-120 microns and spray particles with impact force on the outside, upper part, wheels and chassis parts of vehicles, which is a high-tech automatic disinfection equipment for vehicle disinfection.

2. Quick disassembly and assembly: in case of an emergency epidemic situation in the area, any hardened road at the entrance and exit of the epidemic area can be quickly installed to disinfect the vehicles entering and leaving the epidemic area within 1 hour.

3. Rapid disinfection: after the equipment is started, the liquid medicine will be atomized and sprayed out, which can quickly and evenly disinfect the vehicle in an all-round way with wide coverage; intelligent disinfection: a new type of automatic control system is installed, when the vehicle passes through the induction coil and infrared ray, the disinfection equipment can quickly start up automatically; after the set time, the disinfection equipment will automatically shut down.

4. Cost saving: the equipment can intelligently distinguish the direction of vehicles, and set it as disinfection in and out, so as to save costs.

5. anticorrosion: the spray pipe in the vertical pipe is 304 stainless steel tube, which effectively prevents the corrosion of the water and prolongs the life of the equipment.

6. spray range: spray sterilizing three dimensional space, set up upward spray sprinkler head, heat not cover vehicle chassis tires and other parts, so that disinfection can reach a full range of three-dimensional crossover, without leaving dead ends.

4、 Schematic diagram


Vehicle disinfection channel host


Schematic diagram of installation effect


Slot installation diagram of ground induction coil

5、 List of vehicle disinfection configuration


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