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Aerosol humidifier Q1

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Product overview

The Gy / Q series aerosol humidifier produced by Jiaxing Guangyue is the most efficient and reliable industrial humidifier among many industrial humidification equipments, and is suitable for all kinds of workshops, Compared with other humidifiers, the air mist humidifier has the characteristics of high humidification efficiency, fine atomized particles, low energy consumption, uniform humidification, simple installation, maintenance free, long service life, etc., and has multiple uses such as air humidification, cooling, dust reduction, electrostatic removal, and improvement of ambient air quality.

Technical parameters of aerosol humidifier














Working principle of aerosol humidifier

Aerosol humidifier, also known as steam water mixing or two fluid humidifier, is based on the latest principle of vacuum siphon to generate ultra-fine mist of two-stage atomization system. In the two-stage atomization system, water is ejected from the central hole to realize the first atomization, and then it is fully mixed with the gas from the side spray hole to realize the second atomization. The compression ratio of water and gas is adjusted according to need to obtain the best spray effect.

Advantages and characteristics of aerosol humidifier

Adjustable pressure control, controllable coverage:

The atomization effect is good, especially the design of the vacuum valve. Compressed air negative pressure induces humidification of the humidifier at 3bar pressure. The spray distance is 5-7m. The atomized water mist can be absorbed and evaporated by the air quickly. The atomization efficiency of the spray particle is incomparable. More than 99%, small equipment, large amount of humidification, low cost, high efficiency and energy saving, easy to use, maintenance free and easy to manage. It can achieve the ideal humidification effect of 100-150 m2.

Advanced automatic control system, controllable and uniform humidification

It can be equipped with automatic control system to effectively adjust and control the required humidity in the humidification area. The liquid is atomized into fine particles at the nozzle and diffuses evenly with the air flow. Compared with the traditional humidification equipment, the humidification efficiency is higher, the air absorption is faster, and the humidity is more uniform.

The droplets are fine to avoid wetland phenomenon

The droplet size is 5-10 μ m. The tiny droplets evaporate or suspend in the air rapidly, and will not adhere to the equipment or the ground, and multiple safety protection devices ensure that the nozzle does not drip or spray water.

Unique design of humidification system to avoid clogging the nozzle:

The design of gas and water two-way solves the problem that the nozzle of traditional process is easy to block, and maintenance free.

 Simple installation and long service life

The installation is convenient and fast, the injection direction can be adjusted at any angle, with excellent performance and long service life.

 Reasonable structure, high efficiency and energy saving

The four nozzles are compact and reasonable layout, which can effectively reduce transmission loss and realize 360 degree omni-directional coverage. The internal structure is ingeniously designed according to the principle of buoyancy and lever, which effectively makes the water supply uniform and ensures the consistency and uniformity of fog line.

Complete equipment models, atomization flow rate optional:

The atomization flow specification of the equipment is optional, which can meet the humidity requirements of various industries and special environments.


Applicable industries

Textile factory, electronic factory, printing factory, tobacco factory, cigarette factory, tea factory, fiber factory, packing factory, clean room, SMT workshop, semiconductor element factory, LCD factory, PCB Factory, IC testing factory, food factory, plastic factory, steel mill, chemical fiber factory, chemical factory, paper mill; in Agriculture: animal husbandry farm, flowers, greenhouse, fungus cultivation, etc;



 If the nozzle or piping system leaks, or similar risk factors may exist, please stop using.

 Ensure that the water pipe and gas pipe are firmly connected and well sealed to prevent air leakage and water leakage.

 Install the humidifier horizontally, and do not place other objects directly below the nozzle.

 Keep the air pressure at 2-3 bar and water pressure at 0.1-3 bar. If the water source pressure is too high, it is recommended to install a pressure reducing valve.


Do not disassemble the humidifier with air and water pressure

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