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Three hole ultrasonic humidifier

Application field:

1、 Working principle:

Ultrasonic humidification equipment uses electronic over frequency oscillation (the vibration frequency is 1.7MHz, which is beyond the range of human hearing, and has no harm to human body and animals). Through the high frequency resonance of ceramic chip, the water is thrown away from the water surface to produce natural flowing water mist. Without heating or chemical agent, 1-5 μ water particles float in the air, which can improve the air wetting effect. Meet the requirements of improving environmental humidity.

2、 Configuration and technical parameters:

image.png             image.png         image.png

   GY/CS-3/GY/CS-6                   GY/CS-9/GY/CS-12                 GY/CS-15/GY/CS-18

3、Technical parameters


4、 Maintenance

1. It is suggested to change a filter cotton core every 15 days to reduce the labor cost of water tank cleaning times

2. Water tank maintenance: please replace the water in the water tank regularly to reduce the deposition of scale in the atomizer;

3. Water tank cleaning: clean the water tank regularly. Please pull out the power plug before cleaning to avoid electric shock;

4. Cleaning method: rotate the fixing screw of the water tank cover, open the cover plate of the water tank of the equipment, (Note: Fan connection line) clean with soft cotton cloth or soft bristle brush. (add a drop of detergent) as shown in Figure 12

5. The scale and impurities above the atomizer and around the water tank shall be washed out of the machine with clean water. Be careful not to splash water on the components and circuits to avoid short circuit (do not use high acid alkaline liquid cleaning agent to clean any parts of the atomizer).

图12 1596016018297349.png

Note: the company does not recommend adding water from the mist outlet or air return port, because the water level in the cabinet cannot be controlled by this water adding method, which may lead to failure of normal operation. .

5、 Precautions for product use

1. The equipment is strictly required to be grounded;

2. In principle, the equipment does not agree to add water directly from the mist outlet, and it is required to connect the water pipe to automatically water in

3. It is not allowed to humidify directly, and it is required that the lead-in pipe at the outlet shall not be shorter than 1 m

4. The fog outlet of the lead-in pipeline shall be at least 1 m away from the equipment and the total diameter of the number of fog outlets shall not be less than that of the equipment itself

5. This equipment is not suitable for long-term use in high temperature (≥ 50 ℃), high dust, strong magnetic, acid-base gas environment.

6. Water tank cleaning time can be based on local actual situation. It is recommended to clean at least once a month.

7. If the equipment is stopped for a long time, the water stored in the water tank must be removed.

8. It is strictly forbidden to block or narrow the fog outlet of the equipment. Otherwise, it will cause fog not smooth and component failure, resulting in unnecessary security risks and property losses!

9. When installing the water quality filter, do not directly open holes on the equipment body for fixing

10. If the equipment is out of service for more than 48 hours, the power supply must be cut off and the water stored in the water tank must be drained, so as to avoid the deterioration and viscosity of the accumulated water due to too long storage time, and the moisture volatilization will affect the normal use of the equipment;

11. The overflow pipe and drain pipe must be connected to the floor drain, sewer and other drainage places to avoid accidental water leakage.

6、 After sale service

1. The atomizer is guaranteed for six months;

2. Atomized ceramic wafers, filters and ppcotton filter elements are consumables and are not within the scope of warranty. If you need to replace them, you can contact us. Our company will supply them at cost price. Users can also purchase suitable products from local or other channels for alternative use;

3. Filter element specification: 254MM high, 60mm outer diameter, 27mm inner diameter; (10 inches)

4. If the equipment is out of service for more than 48 hours, the power supply must be cut off and the accumulated water in the water tank must be drained, so as to prevent the water from degenerating and viscous due to long storage time, which will affect the air and the normal use of the equipment;

5. The overflow pipe and drainage pipe must be connected to the floor drain, so as to avoid fog and water leakage accidents.

In order to get familiar with this equipment, please read the operation manual before installation. This product implements "Three Guarantees". The whole machine is guaranteed for one year. During the warranty period, in case of any failure due to product quality, our company will provide free maintenance at the back of the sales department, excluding the damage caused by human and irresistible forces, and the wearing parts and consumables are not covered by the warranty. If the product is not operated according to the method in the product manual due to improper use, or the failure occurs after the warranty period, the cost of production will be charged during the maintenance Use.


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